Hi! I’m Alexander “Xander” Bartole and this is my story!

Inspired by Brad Pitt eating in movies, I discovered that my calling in life was to make people eat delicious food on screen. This passion led me down the road to becoming what is known in the biz as “tabletop director”. Which is funny, because I believe that food doesn’t belong on top of a table, it belongs in people’s hands as they are about to put it in their mouths!

As a 90’s kid, raised by a Venezuelan mom, a German dad, and American TV while mostly holding a bowl of Froot Loops in my hands it was just a matter of time before first laying eyes on William Bradley Pitt shoving food in his mouth like nothing I had seen before.

I knew right there and then. “Mom, Dad I’m going to be a professional food chewing people filmer!” As soon as I graduated from the German high school in Venezuela, I hopped on a one-way plane to Berlin and was instantly blown away by this amazing city! “Look at all the chewing people I can film!”

After buying my first camera, I finally started filming people professionally chewing food. The first projects were hard, but soon I started to make a little money from my chew films. Now I’ve been living the dream for 10 years and counting, putting on screen delicious food being chewed by wonderful people all over the world for some of the biggest brands on the planet.

Maybe one day I’ll get to film the chew maestro himself, Brad Pitt in all of his chewing glory!